About Us

What is Tukkari?

Tukkari is the consumer product brand and production division owned and operated by CZEKO Group, s.r.o., based in the Czech Republic. Most of our products, we design and produce, fall into category of special purpose furniture.

Our history of making 3D printer enclosures

Our company was founded more than 25 years ago in 1995. However, we have only been producing 3D printer enclosures, as one of our activities, in recent years. First enclosures were designed and produced in 2017 mainly to meet our own needs inside of the company. Based on our own practical experience the design has been reworked and improved number of times to its final state represented by our current TLX model for Prusa family 3D Printers. This model is our core and most selling 3D printer enclosure today.

Nowadays our 3D printer enclosures have found their place not only in households but also in companies of all sizes, from small advertising agencies, architectural offices, 3D printing studios to large manufacturing corporations.

What production technologies do we use?

The entire production process from design through production planning and manufacturing is controlled by modern CAD/CAM systems. We are equipped with large format CNC centers, automatic bending machines and CO2 laser for advanced material processing. We also use 3D printing for prototyping and production of smaller plastic components.

What materials are our products made from?

We use high-quality melamine faced chipboard panels and MDF boards from leading European manufacturers Kronospan and Egger on our products. Melamine faced panels are highly durable, abrasion resistant and hygienically safe. Emissions of released formaldehyde meet the criteria of emission class E1. ABS edging is provided by Ostermann (Germany).

Our main suppliers of extruded acrylic sheets (PMMA) are Evonik Röhm (Germany), Brett Martin (United Kingdom) and Nudec (Spain). Both surface sides of the acrylic sheets are perfectly translucent, UV-resistant, smooth, high-gloss and harmless for health. Acrylic sheets have up to 6 times greater resistance to impact forces than regular sheet glass. In addition, acrylic sheets transmit up to 92% light, while sheet glass can only transmit 80-90% light.

How to buy our products?

Our products can be purchased through our online store at www.tukkari.eu.

Shopping with Us

How do we package our products for delivery?

We dont want to leave anything to chance when it comes to product protection during delivery. That is why our cardboard boxes are lined with styrofoam sheets on all sides. It may be a bit of overkill but we need to be sure your enclosure kit will arrive to your home or company safely.

Can I cancel/change my order?

Once you’ve pressed the ‘Complete Order’ button, we are unfortunately unable to cancel or change your order for you due to our warehouse processing. We urge you to please double check your order before placing it and ask questions if you have any using our Contact Form.

If you do place the order and end up changing your mind, we will need for you to wait for the parcel to be delivered and then ask you to return it as quickly as possible. In this circumstance we are happy to refund the items for you - as per our Terms and Conditions and information in paragraph below.

Can I return the purchased goods?

Yes, for sure. As long as you return an item within 14 days of purchase you can do so. If you wish to return the goods, please do not remove the protective foil from the acrylic parts, do not manipulate the individual parts and do not attempt to assemble the kit. We can only accept returns of goods which is undamaged and without signs of wear. Thank you for understanding.

How will I get refund for returned goods?

The price of the goods will be returned to you using the same payment method you selected when making your purchase. All shipping charges are not refundable.

What countries do you deliver to?

www.tukkari.com  (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA)
www.tukkari.eu  (EU countries, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland)
www.tukkari.de  (EU countries, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland)
www.tukkari.cz  (Czech Republic)
www.tukkari.cz/sk  (Slovakia)