TUKKARI TF -  Ender 3 S1 / S1 PRO Enclosure Box with Combined Air Filter - Enclosure variant: Ender 3 S1 PRO compatible

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€ 204 incl. VAT
Manufacturing Time: 2 Weeks

Introducing TUKKARI TF with combined filter - our lightweight, feature-rich and cool looking enclosure for your Creality Ender 3 S1 / S1 PRO 3D printer. The enclosure is made of industrial-grade European Plexiglas and premium quality parts. This solution without a bottom panel allows to simply lift the enclosure and gain full access to your 3D printer if needed.

The kit comes flat-packed and is easy to assemble. All you need to get started using your new enclosure is included, so you don't have to 3D-print your own parts or purchase them separately. See below the detailed description of all features and what was included in the kit. More

Manufacturer: TUKKARI

This TUKKARI TF series enclosure with combined H13 HEPA and activated charcoal filter was specially designed for Creality Ender 3 S1 / S1 PRO 3D printers.

Why is it a good idea to have a box for your 3d printer?

  • stable printing environment with elevated temperature inside the enclosure is advantageous for printing materials such as ASA, PP or PC
  • the maintained elevated temperature reduces the electricity consumption of your 3d printer
  • enclosed chamber reduces emissions of VOCs and hazardous particles, it also protects your 3d printer from dust, touches of children and pets

The main advantages of using TUKKARI TF Enclosure:


  • clean minimalistic design and functionality proven by thousands of customers around the world
  • active TUKKARI user base creates own mods, just search for “TUKKARI” on Printables.com and Thingiverse.com
  • ideal for home use, businesses of all sizes, educational institutions and public workshops

Price and Quality

  • high volume production allows us to offer the best prices on the market
  • manufactured in-house, in our own production facility based in the Czech Republic with full quality control, spare parts are available if needed
  • only high-value components are used, from metal handles, injection-moulded quality hinges, to the thick premium acrylic panels made in Germany

The completeness of our kits


Product weight/dimensions:

Outer dimensions without bearing based spool holder: (Width x Height x Depth): 54,3 × 59,8 × 66,1 cm
Inner dimensions: (Width x Height x Depth): 53,5 × 59,3 × 63,8 cm
Enclosure weight: 12,5 kg
Shipping weight: 13,0 kg

The kit includes:

  • 4 mm laser cut acrylic panels
  • 3d printed plastic parts from black PETG
  • free to move filament spool holder with bearings for spools up to 1 kg
  • combined H13 grade HEPA filter with activated charcoal
  • thermometer gauge
  • anti-slip feet
  • all hardware (screws, nuts, injection molded hinges, black metal powder coated door handle etc.)
  • complete set of assembly tools (except for 7mm / 8mm wrench)
  • illustrated, easy to follow assembly manual (available for download in PDF here)

The kit does not include:

  • optional 120 mm fan (common 5V and 12V fans can be used), for installation please refer to the manual
  • 3D printer and filament